First Steps

You recently became a Christian, and you're excited about your new faith, but now what? First Steps offers you the answers you're looking for and the tools to assist you in becoming an equipped follower of Jesus!

Essentials Course

Health experts suggest that we need six essential nutrients regularly to survive. Like our bodies, our spirit also requires certain essentials to grow. Because this is true, Worship Center is offering a new eight-week discipleship course this fall called, "Essentials."

The Essentials course will explore foundational truths that are vital in strengthening followers of Jesus. Practical teaching and interactive table discussions will center on each truth as participants ask questions and thereby grow in their faith journey.

Our Essentials Winter Session is full at this time; however you can register for our Spring Session which begins March 31.


Water Baptism

One of Jesus' commands was for His followers to be water baptized. Jesus Himself was baptized by John the Baptist as He started His earthly ministry. Come follow Him in His footsteps as you publicly proclaim your faith in Jesus!


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