First Steps

in Following Jesus

On Your Journey

There is so much to explore and understand the foundations of walking out our faith in Christ. This page is designed to help you on that journey, whether you are a new follower of Jesus, you're getting back on the right path, or you're wanting to strengthen your roots in him.

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Water Baptism

God lays out a tangible way for us to identify with Christ in His death and resurrection – the act of water baptism. Baptism presents a clear picture for you to recognize and celebrate the redemptive life change that is continually occurring within you. 

To sign up for the next water baptism, scheduled during services March 29 & 30, click the register button below.


First Steps Blog

Stories and insights on basic principles to learn and grow.


Health experts suggest that we need six essential nutrients regularly to survive. Like our bodies, our spirit also requires certain essentials to grow. Because this is true, Worship Center is offering a new eight-week discipleship course this fall called, "Essentials."

The Essentials course will explore foundational truths that are vital in strengthening followers of Jesus. Practical teaching and interactive table discussions will center on each truth as participants ask questions and thereby grow in their faith journey.

Our next Essentials course begins February 2, 2020. 


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Support & Recovery

Life’s storms can blow you off course, and when it does, your sense of purpose can be shaken. But, you’re not alone. Our support and recovery groups will help you experience stability through the warmth of others who understand what you’re facing. And, these groups will redirect you on a path toward regaining a life of purpose found in Jesus.



Pre-service prayer time is held 30 minutes before each service in the Prayer Room and is open to all. Prayer is also a significant time in small groups. Other opportunities for prayer include: after each service Sundays and Mondays; Men's Prayer Group at 9am on Saturdays; Ladies' Prayer Group at 9am on Saturdays; Weekly Prayer Group (open to anyone) at 3pm on Sundays.

Contact Eric Scott with any questions you might have.

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