Activate Leadership Conference

October 2, 2021 10:00am

Cost: Pre-registration: $15.00, At the door: $20.00, Just video recording: $5.00


Have you ever felt like you don't have what it takes to help the people around you? Every leader feels this way at some point. Activate Leadership is a conference for business leaders, parents, volunteers, employees, small group leaders, community leaders, or anyone who follows Jesus!

People are struggling with lots of "stuff" in our world today. But we know God offers a plan for each of us to make disciples who make disciples, to shine our light in our spheres of influence. At Activate Leadership, you be able to:

  • Learn practical tools for a variety of life issues

  • Access sessions you missed after the conference

  • Connect with other leaders and be inspired to be a light to the world together.

Don't miss out on answers to real-life issues we all face every day in our homes, families, workplaces, small groups, and ministry areas!

Click here to read more about all the session breakouts and speakers.

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