Blended and Blessed

Blended and Blessed

April 25, 2020 9:45am

Cost: Per Person: $10.00, Per Couple: $15.00

Contact: Brad Aldrich

Blended & Blessed® is the only one-day live event and livestream just for stepfamily couples, single parents, dating couples with kids, and those who care about blended families.

Join hundreds of sites around the globe as Dr. Gary Chapman, Ron Deal, and other expert speakers unpack love languages for Blended Families!

If you are part of a stepfamily, or know someone who is, this is a can’t-miss opportunity!

Worship Center is hosting the Blended and Blessed Livestream from 9:45am - 4:45pm.


This event is still on! Only it will be an at-home livestream event. Everyone who registers will be sent a code so they can watch at home! Even if we are not together, you will still have access to this amazing event! Also, now it is FREE!


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