Watch Live on Nov. 16

The Dub Awards - Online


November 16

Watch live on Nov. 16

Welcome to The Dub Awards!

Welcome to the Dub Awards Online!

What is the Dub Awards? Dub is short for W and WC is short for Worship Center, therefore: Dub Awards.

This is a night to celebrate and honor the hundreds of people who serve on Team WC.

What you can expect the night of the event:

• Pre-show at 6:50pm with Mark and Mandy
• Giveaways announced all night long
• Find out who the nominees and winners are for the 7 different Dub Awards

How to Dub:

1. Have a watch party.
2. Dress in your best half-formal attire: half fancy, half cozy.
3. Check your mailbox for your swag bag.
4. Have snacks. Lots of snacks.