Domestic Abuse Recovery

Space is available

Leader: Lena Arbogast

When: Varies Varies

Childcare: No

Life Stage: Support/Recovery Group

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One-on-one meetings to walk through the healing of domestic violence. To set-up a meeting please contact Lena at or call 1-717-371-6075.

"I have come out from an abusive 32-year marriage relationship. My abuse started 2 years after our marriage, which included physical, mental and verbal abuse. I had become so frozen with fear and was not able to move from that position. I also became an unhealthy enabler. Seeking counsel and growing stronger enabled me to remove myself from my situation with the help of a team of concerned friends and counselors. My healing journey over the past 10 years has brought complete healing from my past. I praise God every day for the emotional and spiritual health I now function in. My joy is to believe for healing, and give encouragement to women who find themselves in an abusive relationship." Lena Arbogast


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