Worship Center's Practices and Procedures for COVID-19

by Chris Lautsbaugh on March 31, 2020

In this time of uncertainty, we know people are looking for hope to cling to. We believe that hope is the gospel, and we're committed to bringing the good news of the gospel to the ends of the earth using our digital platforms.

The state of Pennsylvania is encouraging churches to live stream their services, and as a result, Worship Center was designated as a life-sustaining service. We understand the responsibility and privilege it is to continue our operations in the midst of a Shelter-in-Place order.

Because of Worship Center's status as a life-sustaining service and the team that it takes to produce an online gathering, we've decided to allow a limited number of people into the building on Sunday mornings. The select few individuals who are coming into our church building are either staff members or volunteers who are healthy and willing.

We take COVID-19, its implications, and its impact very seriously. Employees and volunteers are making every effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by doing the following:

  • Limiting the number of people in our building during our Sunday services. Throughout the week, our offices are closed, and the majority of staff members are working remotely.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene practices — diligent hand washing, placing hand sanitizer in visited areas, and following other CDC guidelines.
  • Maintaining a 6-foot distance at all times.

This is our way of not placing a stumbling block before others (Romans 14:13) both in health and in respecting other's feelings or convictions.

If an employee or volunteer is sick with symptoms of COVID-19, we are asking that they follow CDC guidelines and self-isolate for 14 days.

Additionally, any employee or volunteer who was tested for COVID-19  is advised to stay at home pending the test results. Upon the receipt of a positive results, we are asking that the employee or volunteers notifies their team leader immediately.

Once a team leader receives word of a positive test for COVID-19 from one of their team or a volunteer, they will promptly notify Chris Lautsbaugh who will notify colleagues who may have been exposed while at church. Worship Center will strive to maintain confidentiality to the best of its ability.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to share the love of Jesus from the stage on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. Let’s lean into what God is doing in our lives and around the world — not just on Sunday, but every day of the week. We miss gathering in person with you, but our online gatherings have been a wonderful reminder that the Church isn’t a building, it’s the Body of Christ.

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