Worship Center Responds to Hurricane Florence

Take the Next Step

Worship Center is sending a bus full of volunteers to North Carolina to help with Hurricane Florence relief efforts. As a church, we've given toward this relief effort, but we want to give you the opportunity to take the next step and go! Please register by October 24.

Departure: Meet at Worship Center at 7:30am on Monday, October 29  (park in the southeast corner lot).

Return: Arrive at Worship Center on Sunday, November 4 in the evening, around 6pm.

Transportation: Elite Coach bus (56 passengers)

Cost: $250 (this covers the cost of transportation and a small donation to Christ In Action). There is no cost while you are on the ground. Food and housing is provided by Christ in Action.

Other Details: When registering, please list Worship Center as your church affiliation and team leaderAn email will be sent to you from Worship Center with a link for payment after you register through the Christ In Action website (click below). Payment is needed prior to travel. 



Hurricane Florence

 At Worship Center, part of serving our world involves responding when there’s a crisis -- locally, nationally, or in other countries. We want to be the hands and feet of Christ, serving people and responding to needs. Right now, tens of thousands of people are suffering after Hurricane Florence devastated the state of North Carolina and is now headed northeast as a tropical depression. At least 32 people have died because of Hurricane Florence -- which is still causing catastrophic flooding and hundreds of thousands of power outages -- and rescue efforts are underway.




When crises like this hit our nation, Worship Center partners with Christ In Action, a disaster relief organization based out of Virginia. Christ In Action is in North Carolina, ready to assist community and government agencies with recovery efforts. The organization is setting up a base of operations in New Bern, NC, and is accepting volunteers, scheduling them through October 19.

Volunteers will need to arrange their own transportation to the CIA base in North Carolina. For more details or to register, visit Christ In Action's website


If you are unable to go to North Carolina but you want to donate, you can text to give any amount using the keyword “FLORENCE” to 717.925.7288 or you can give online. When giving online, choose "Hurricane Florence Relief" as the designation on the drop-down menu.

More info is available at christinaction.com. Please continue to pray for victims, families, volunteers, and first responders who are involved.

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