Worship Center Kids and Students Move Up

It's time! A new school year is starting soon, which means Worship Center kids and students move up to new grades and ministries this month! We're excited for another year of adventure, mission trips, small groups, building relationships with kids, and helping them discover their unique purpose in Jesus. Here's a complete list of first and last days for each ministry:


Last Days...

For 6th graders at Route 56 is August 12
For 8th graders at Drive 78 is August 15
For seniors at The Hub is August 19


Moving up - First Days...

Fives through Grade 4 move up starting August 19/20
Grade 5 and 6 move up to Route 56 August 19
New 9th graders move up to The Hub August 19 
New 7th graders move up to Drive 78 August 22


Keep in mind that new 5th graders will no longer check in at the WC Kids tree, but will check in to Route 56 at their entrance near Main Street Café.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the church office at 717.656.4271. Team members will be available to serve you if you need assistance in finding your child's new place of ministry.

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