Why Count Me In?

Learn about Count Me In and find out what it means to be part of our church family!

by Mandy Johnson on April 23, 2019

Attending Count Me In changed my life. Let me explain.

I had been coming to Worship Center for a year and hadn’t made one single friend. I loved the worship and the messages, but couldn’t figure out how to become friends with all the friendly people I saw standing around and chatting after the service. I decided to attend Count Me In and it was through that class that I joined a small group, started serving in student ministry, and eventually joined the Worship Center staff.

That was in 2003.

Sixteen years later and I am more passionate about seeing people get connected than ever before. Most of us know that “all are welcome” at church, but the real question many of us are asking is “but am I welcome here? Me. With my story. My mess. Am I welcome?”

The answer is YES.

It’s in Count Me In that you’ll learn about the mission and vision of Worship Center and what we believe God has called us to do and be as a local church in Lancaster County in 2019. You’ll get to meet other people who are also looking to get connected as well as learn about small groups and serving.

Count Me In is a 3-part class offered almost every month during the 11am service. At the end of the class, you will have the opportunity to become a family member of Worship Center. Register for the next class and find out if you want to be part of our family!

Visit worshipcenter.org/countmein for more information and to sign up! 

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