Want to Move a Mountain?

We believe prayer can do some powerful things!

by Eric Scott on August 13, 2019

Someone once said, "Sometimes, all it takes is just one prayer to change everything." I remember my first experience with prayer as a nine-year-old. I heard about a flu bug raging through the country, killing many elderly and children as well. For some reason, this disturbed me in my heart. I remember leaving my bedroom and going into our family room deep into the night and dropping down onto our couch crying out to God to stop this horrible flu. Tears flowed as I asked with all the faith I could muster, "God, put a stop to this!"

Because I helped to deliver papers in the morning with my brothers, I was determined to look for more news on this deadly flu. Wonderfully, I saw no more news on the subject and felt in my heart God heard me and moved on behalf of that prayer and the prayers of millions of others.

Because Jesus said it, I believe prayer moves mountains. Wouldn't you like to move some mountains with others here at Worship Center? Of course, we can move mountains through individual prayer, but there is something powerful about gathering to pray. One of my favorite times of the week is praying with our leadership team here at Worship Center on Tuesday mornings. So, we've created prayer gatherings you could join at Worship Center. Opportunities for you to move mountains with others.

You probably won't find hundreds of people at these meetings, but that's not the point. What you will find are people passionately and faithfully praying for God to work powerfully. Here are some prayer gatherings you can participate in:

Pre-service Prayer - Join others in Worship Center's Prayer Room a half hour before each of our Sunday and Monday night services. In these meetings, you'll pray for all the ministry taking place that day and the leadership of our church.

Pray With Moms - Moms come together to pray for their children who are not walking with Jesus. Contact Doris Neff if you are interested in these gatherings.

Prayer for the Nation and the Nations - Hubert Esser and Tom Armstrong lead this prayer gathering on Sunday afternoons at 3 pm in Worship Center's Prayer Room. You may enter from the South Entrance directly into the Prayer Room. 

Women's Prayer Meeting - Vanessa Rucker leads this Saturday morning prayer at 9 am in the Spring Room at Worship Center. This is a gathering of women desiring to deepen their personal relationship with God through focused prayer and worship.

Men's Prayer Meeting - This is a prayer group for men interested in seeking the Lord together. John Marini leads this group with this thought, "This will be a haven to all, to open up and deal with the things that hold us back from being the men God created us to be."

Open Prayer Times - Worship Center leaves the outside doors to the Prayer Room (South Entrance) unlocked from noon to 2pm Monday through Thursday for those who want to stop in and pray.

Let's move mountains together through prayer at Worship Center!

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