The "Why" Behind Message-Based Community Groups

by Cindy Scott on August 24, 2021

"How does your faith intersect with real life?"

At Worship Center, our mission is to help people follow Jesus and find their purpose in him. Our message-based community groups are the primary way we walk this out. 

The why behind the format for our groups has three parts:

  • Connected Belonging – in a church this sized it can be easy to just attend, or even to just observe, the services onsite or online. The personal connection that happens in a Community Group makes our big church small. 

In a Community Group, you are missed if you aren't able to attend, you have a voice in processing the application of the message, and you share your life with others in the highs/the lows and the prayer and caring.

  • Personal Engagement – It's one thing to affirm the sermon and agree with its concepts and another thing to actually allow God's Word to transform our lives. The "Activate" part of the group discussion challenges us all to identify how our lives could be different because of the message we heard. We commit to a response. That's how our faith intersects with real life.
  • Corporate Unity – In our Community Groups, we are all looking at the same passages of scripture and similar questions, and this keeps our focus unified. There are many potentially valuable arenas for study, but when all our groups are focused together, there is a unity that binds us. As the pastor brings the message and we talk about what that means in our daily lives:

Discussion leads to discovery.

Discovery highlights decisions. 

Decisions determine destiny.

If, as a church, we can live out what we learn through a focus on scripture, we will grow exponentially. Discipleship and development are rarely a problem of lacking information but rather of lacking engagement.

Here's the four-step format for our Community Groups in a nutshell:

1. Each person shares a recent high/low from their life.

This gets everyone to share something. It helps people to be vulnerable by sharing lows. It keeps people real to share only one high.

2. Groups choose one or two of the discussion questions to talk through together.

This is not a time of teaching from the leader or another member, but rather a time to explore the message topic and possible applications. 

3. Each individual takes a moment to respond about how they will walk out their faith in real life as it pertains to the message focus.

4. The group prays together – the leader may lead this, or everyone may take a turn. (Don't let a concern about praying out loud keep you from joining a group – just let your leader know you may not be ready to do that!)

Joining a group could be the best next step you have ever taken in walking out your faith! Are you ready?


Want more? Check out our FAQs for Worship Center Groups.

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