The Atkins' Story

Mike and Sandy Atkins share how their broken marriages brought them to lead DivorceCare.

by Chelsea Mosher on January 26, 2018

"Divorce and broken relationships are devastating for all involved — adults, the children, extended family, and friends. Nothing about it is painless as it tears apart the heart. We have both been through this painful experience and, though long in the past, we still remember the grief, the loss, and the hopelessness.  Fortunately for us, Worship Center offered a program like DivorceCare where we could find healing through the love and forgiveness of a merciful God. 

After having been a part of DivorceCare at Worship Center in the past, the Holy Spirit has again been speaking to our hearts to return. Therefore, our hearts are open to persons walking this journey – divorce or broken long-term relationships.  We want to be a part of the journey to restoration and witness broken lives restored in Jesus’ name.  Whether you’re the innocent or guilty party, Jesus died for all to give and receive forgiveness for our part, great or small.  He is a restorer, a redeemer, a pillar of strength, a provider, one who does not condemn but forgives, and the only one who can rebuild broken lives, even marriages. 

We could find healing through the love and forgiveness of a merciful God.

Through DivorceCare, we come alongside these individuals to assist with the beginning of recovery during this tragic season of life. God is the only one that can truly heal the heart. DivorceCare provides a secure and safe environment where individuals, in a group setting, can begin the process of healing and restoration with God’s power.

God has worked miracles in many lives, which we have seen firsthand. The journey is in seeing joy instead of sorrow, love and forgiveness in place of anger, hope instead of despair, and a new season of life with great anticipation of a new future and God leading the way."

Questions? Contact Mike or Sandy.


DivorceCare runs during the Fall & Winter small-group seasons. 


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