Stories from New Group Leaders

by Don Wambolt on August 01, 2018

Worship Center will launch its fall season of Small Groups in September. Many people who have not joined a small group in the past will want to participate this time, and we would like to have plenty of groups for them to join.

You are invited to become a small group leader. For some, this thought may present an exciting adventure, while for others, it can be intimidating. Two couples, Mike and Kathy Dulay and Greg and Maria Pettis, took a huge step of courageous faith by opening their home and lives up to people they didn't know. Here's what happened when they decided to lead a new group:


The Dulays

"We decided to lead a small group after being asked by someone from the church. We prayed for a while before committing to leading a group. But we both felt that God wanted us to step out of our comfort zones and let Him do His work. We came to the realization that we didn't have to have everything all figured out.

"We knew one of the couples that decided to join our group, but there were four other couples that we had never met until starting small group. We overcame any awkwardness by just getting to know one another. The more each person would share, the closer we all felt with one another.

"We saw our group connect by sharing stories over coffee. We would often start group by socializing first, which created an atmosphere for deeper relationships and connections.


"The greatest thing is developing new friendships in our church community, and because of this experience, we would definitely lead a small group again in the future."


"If we would have decided not to lead a group I feel like we would have missed out on becoming friends with some awesome people and some great conversations that strengthened our relationship with God.

"I would encourage others to take a step of faith and join a group. God wants us to do life together and become better connected on a personal level. We are better able to encourage each other on our walk with God when we our connected."


The Pettises

"It had been several years since we laid down this type of ministry to work on our business. But we felt that it was time to open our home to a small group and minister together again.

"We only knew one couple that joined. It was actually not awkward at all for us, and the group members said later that they felt right at home within the first hour.

"We believe the Lord graced our time and was very present to knit our hearts. We witnessed an openness and an excitement almost immediately and there was real conversation.


"The group got real with each other very quickly and began to share their lives with the group."


"Our biggest takeaway from the experience was just be real and let the group function organically. We would encourage others to not try to force things, but to let the Holy Spirit do his thing and just be open to what he wants to do. We would do it again. That is our desire!

"We would have missed the fellowship and doing life together if we hadn't stepped out and started a group. The group would have missed Maria's food (just kidding). I think they would have missed the sharing of life together, also."


What might the Lord be asking you to do? Is leading a small group that opportunity to intentionally step out in courageous faith? This may be a start to something great for you and for others!

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