Pastor Bryce Taylor Goes on Sabbatical

Pastor Bryce Taylor will go on sabbatical beginning February 6.

by Chelsea Mosher on January 31, 2018

Worship Center values rest, and we uphold this value in part by offering seven-week sabbaticals every seven years to those serving in full-time ministry leadership positions. We encourage those on sabbatical to focus on strengthening family relationships, revitalizing personal spiritual growth, and furthering education during this time. We’re happy to share that Discipleship and Leadership Development Pastor, Bryce Taylor, will take his sabbatical from February 6 through March 31. Bryce provides oversight to the Student Ministry and Young Adult leadership, care and connections, small groups, and leadership development and discipleship throughout the church. He is also part of the Executive Team, the leadership group of pastors of Worship Center.

Bryce, his wife, Christina, and their six boys are planning a month-long trip to New Zealand to visit the country where Bryce is originally from. The Taylor family has been processing, planning, and saving for this trip for two years and they are very excited to reconnect with family that lives there. Bryce is also very excited to have their kids connect with the New Zealand culture and create great memories as a family in the country that he grew up in. Their goal, as a family, is to come back from their trip to New Zealand feeling rested so they can start this new season feeling fresh! You can follow along with their New Zealand adventure by reading the Taylors' blog.

In addition to traveling, Bryce is also looking forward to setting aside time to focus on writing.

While he is away, the Discipleship and Leadership Development Department will be in the good hands of his assistant, Amber Dienner, and his other Team Members including Eric and Cindy Scott, Josh Grine, and Brad Aldrich. Christina Taylor leads KangaRoo Konnection -- a weekly playgroup for toddlers and preschoolers. Christina has grown a large team of volunteers that she is confident will take care of everything while she is away. 

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