New Series: Battles and Blessings

Why Psalm 23?

Psalm 23 is beautifully written, illustrating a vast amount of blessings that come from God even in the midst of battles. As we study this psalm together, we'll discover each blessing that is given to us when we surrender our lives to God. 

Depth and strength underlie the simplicity of this psalm. Its peace is not escape; its contentment is not complacency: there is readiness to face deep darkness and imminent attack, and the climax reveals a love which homes towards no material goal but to the Lord himself. - Derek Kidner 


Each Week:

Week 1: We'll discuss the provision given to us when we decide to choose the Lord as our shepherd.

Week 2: The Lord promises rest and strength to us.

Week 3: We don't need to fear because of the comfort and protection we're offered.

Week 4: We'll talk about what "enemies" means in verse five and what it means when the Lord prepares a feast for us!

Week 5: We'll study what it means to dwell with the Lord and how his goodness and mercy is always with us.

Join us for this series and discover how the Lord blesses us even in the midst of pain, trials, and battles.

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