New Message Series: Parables

Have you ever wondered why Jesus used parables? The disciples wondered the same thing.

“The disciples came up and asked, “Why do you tell stories?” He replied, “You’ve been given insight into God’s kingdom. You know how it works. Not everybody has this gift, this insight; it hasn’t been given to them. Whenever someone has a ready heart for this, the insights and understandings flow freely. But if there is no readiness, any trace of receptivity soon disappears. That’s why I tell stories: to create readiness, to nudge the people toward receptive insight” (Matthew 13:10-12 MSG).

These parables are more than just some clever stories that Jesus told. They illustrated truth and teach us how to build God’s kingdom instead of our own. 

God designed us for discovery. Parables, or stories, bring curiosity and a readiness for understanding. That understanding happens best when we discover the truth for ourselves, rather than being told outright what is true.

During this series, from September 9 - October 22, we’ll look at seven different parables and we’ll discover what the kingdom of God is all about.

Part 1:

Parable of the Good Samaritan

Part 2:

Parable of the New Wineskins

Part 3:

Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

Part 4:

Parable of the Prodigal Son

Part 5:

Parable of the Vineyard Workers

Part 6:

Parable of the Two Debtors/Unforgiving Servant

Part 7:

Parable of the Talents

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