New Discipleship Course Offered

Health experts suggest that we need six essential nutrients regularly to survive. Like our bodies, our spirit also requires certain essentials to grow.

Worship Center is offering a new eight-week discipleship course this fall called, "Essentials."

The Essentials course will explore foundational truths that are vital in strengthening followers of Jesus. Practical teaching and interactive table discussions will center on each truth as participants ask questions and thereby grow in their faith journey.



Course topics include why the Bible can be trusted; who Jesus is; who you are as a Christian; and where you fit in God’s family. Our sincere hope is that this course would create a hunger in those who attend for more of God and provide tools to grow in relationship with him. 

All who want to grow are welcome, but particularly those who have recently been water baptized or who have visited First Steps after a worship service.


"Like our bodies, our spirit also requires certain essentials to grow."


Worship Center will offer the Essentials course during each of the small group seasons in the fall, winter, and spring.

The first course begins Sunday, September 23 at 9am, during the first service and ends Sunday, November 11. Ministry for kids will be available, and a continental breakfast will be provided.

Register on or before September 19, as there is a limited number of seats available.

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