Meet the Worship Team: Justin Gonzalez

Justin Gonzalez serves on our worship team playing drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals!

by McKenna Whisler on May 21, 2019

What’s something people may not know about you? 
I enjoy fishing! I love finding new spots for bass and fishing with people! Stop me at church and tell me your fishing stories or share your hidden gems (I won't tell anyone)!
How did you get connected at Worship Center & how long have you been here?
The journey of getting connected at Worship Center is something I still remember so well. It started attending the Living Room at the beginning of 2013. I remember one of the first messages I heard was about our identity in Christ and it helped me find some truths deep down. I began to be challenged and started making more connections to the great community at Worship Center. The rest is history!
How did you come to know Jesus? 
I grew up in church. I walked the walk, talked the talked. But, I came to know Jesus on a deeper level after I graduated college and started looking deeper at purpose and started really digging for myself. I found myself serving in the church with more purpose and a softer heart. 
You do a few different things on the worship team here at church (drums, bass, acoustic guitar/vocals), how long have you been involved with music & do you have a favorite instrument?
I've been involved with music since I was about ten years old. I started putting together my love for music on the drums and it grew from there. My favorite instrument has to be guitar because of its versatility and how beautiful it can be with the right touch.  
What’s your favorite thing about serving on the worship team?
My favorite thing about serving on this worship team is the heart behind the team. Everyone is on the same page and that starts with our leaders. This environment brings in some of the best people I've ever had a chance to be friends with! Also, I love Pastor Dan's warm-up yells/notes right before the services start when we are on stage.
Favorite genre of music? 
This isn't a fair question these days! I'll always have a thing for melodic rock and any style of groovy funk/jazz inspiration music. 
You and your wife, Kayla, have something pretty exciting coming up…
Kayla and I are blessed to have twin girls coming this July! They will be our first two kids. Kayla has been a champ, not only in her first pregnancy but dealing with the challenges of being pregnant with twins! 
Favorite Food?
Being a "foodie" makes this difficult. I'd say grilled meat and any carb covered in cheese. 

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