Marriage: The New Coronavirus Casualty

by Brad Aldrich on May 26, 2020

Reports are coming in from all over the country that divorce attorneys are inundated with post-coronavirus divorce inquiries. Google reports an increase in people searching for information on divorce, and marriage counselors are seeing a flood of couples seeking online marriage counseling. 

Why is this happening? Why are people ready to end their marriages after two months of being quarantined together? 

Highlighting Communication Problems

All of us make mistakes in our communication. The whole process of a thought going from our mind, putting it into words, traveling some expanse of space, and then going into someone else's mind in the same way we intended it — well, there are so many places that it can and will break down! When that happens, we can quickly end up in conflict. In a perfect world, we take some time and space, and we work through those conflicts. But COVID-19 is adding stress that fuels those communication challenges. 

Increased Stress

We've all been under a higher level of stress, and we've been carrying it around for two months. There isn't much we can do to escape that underlying stress. So what happens? We end up taking it out on the people we are quarantined with. Stress causes us to be more sensitive and shorter with each other. It is easy to see how even more issues are caused by adding stress on top of a relationship that already housed some tension in it.

Lack of Resources

Let's face it: when our marriages are strained, where do we go? It can often feel easier to ignore the issue, or even throw in the towel than to work on it! Marriage takes work, that doesn't mean that it's bad! It takes a lot of effort to remain connected during these difficult times! 

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