How To Build A Community Group You Will Love In Four Easy Steps

by Cindy Scott on June 15, 2021

A number of years ago my husband and I decided it was time for us to actually get in a community group. We have always believed groups were a good idea, but it was time for our affirmation to turn into action.

We had led plenty of groups where we were the leaders helping others, and we loved those, but we knew we needed a group of people we could be peers with, people we wanted to do life with.

I’m kind of an introvert so if I’m honest, I was not a fan of launching an open group where anyone could join. I wanted to choose people I would be comfortable with and you can too! (God bless you extraverts! You should all launch open groups!)

When we finally did it, we were so happy. We launched a group that we truly looked forward to and in the end made lifelong friends! These people have walked with us through triumph and tragedy and we have walked with them. We are there for each other.

Is it time? 

Would you consider building your own group?

Here’s all you need:

8 People Total: Think of couples or individuals you would love to have more time with. (see *ideas below if you are new or have not met people yet)

A Time and Place: For instance, Thursdays at 7 at your house — or we rotate and go to each other’s houses — that is an option too!

A Frequency: Every other week, or once a week for the whole fall season, or whatever suits you.

We provide a simple structure that offers connection to each other and helps you walk out your faith in real life. This is outlined with the message notes — either on the app, on paper, or even viewable/printable online. This structure will equip you to: 

    • Share high/lows. This gets people talking and not just about hard things or great things, but sharing real life together.
    • Discuss the message. We provide a few questions and you can pick one or two — no need to do them all and no right or wrong answers.
    • Activate your faith. Answer the commit question to apply the message to your real life somehow.
    • Pray together. Maybe one person prays or several, but somehow close in prayer.

We believe in setting up our leaders well and therefore provide an abundance of resources for all of our Community Group Leaders. When you become a group leader, you will be connected with a Community Groups Team leader who you can go to for questions and support as you lead your group. We also provide coach training and an Equip Class specifically designed to help you grow in discipling others and helping them grow in their relationship with God. 

We would love to help you launch a group!

Click here to start!

There’s a place for you here!

*Ways to meet people you may want to group with at Worship Center.

  • Go through the Count Me In class and meet other people who are learning more about Worship Center.
  • Serve somewhere – there may be other volunteers you would love to spend time with.
  • Join an Equip Class like Faith Essentials or Personal Leadership and meet people there who may also be looking for a group.

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