Do you need to recharge your marriage?

Is it time to recharge your marriage?

I love working with couples. As Worship Center’s Marriage and Family Pastor I get the wonderful opportunity to meet with many different types of couples. I love seeing the energy bubbling over when I meet with a couple who is newly engaged, but I also am excited for the opportunity to meet with couples who come in weighed down and ready for change -- couples who have allowed the grind of life to wear down and deplete the energy in their marriage.

Where do you feel your marriage energy level is today? Are you fully charged? Or do you need to remember how to plug back into God and your spouse to recharge your marriage?

Worship Center offers re|engage -- a group experience that can bring your marriage back to life.

re|engage is for any married couple. Whether you are drained and need to reconnect, or if you are charged up and want to continue to grow, re|engage is for you!

A recent re|engage participant shared, “I loved learning that our problems are not just our own, other couples share the same issues.” Another said, “re|engage helped me to start conversations with my wife that were way overdue.”

Over and over, re|engage participants express the same things: they were thankful re|engage gave them the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with their spouse! Don’t miss your opportunity to recharge. Sign up today for the next group!

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