Be Involved and Informed This Election Season


As Americans, we are given an opportunity and responsibility to choose who governs our communities, states, and nation.

One of the core values at Worship Center is Excellence in Stewardship. We believe in the importance of stewarding the right we have to vote for our leaders. We don't give specific direction toward who to vote for, but Worship Center has always encouraged its congregation to be involved in voting because it's a privilege that we have as citizens. This is how we steward this freedom with excellence -- be involved and informed!

Below you'll find our stance on civic matters, how to prayerfully vote, and links to party descriptions to help you access the information you want and need.

Worship Center's Stance on Civic Matters

Purpose of the Church– We believe the church’s primary purpose is to make disciples by sharing the gospel and teaching people to be followers of Jesus in this world as they prepare for the next world.

Civic Involvement– We believe people are called by God to get involved in all areas of society, including civil service and politics. We are dual citizens – of Heaven first of all and of our country.

Voting– We believe it’s a privilege and responsibility we have as citizens. We encourage people to register and to vote, usually through making an announcement on stage and/or through eNews.

Voting Guides– We believe people are responsible to stay informed of the issues and prayerfully vote their conscience based on the scriptures. There are numerous guides available online that focus on where candidates stand on specific issues. We do not make paper copy voter guides available at the church or allow people to distribute them at Worship Center.

Addressing issues– Throughout the year we address important issues that are clearly stated in the Bible, whether they are “political” or not.

Diversity– We believe God has called Worship Center to reach a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds – including political backgrounds. We are passionate about reaching people for Jesus first and foremost. In this age of political divisiveness and extremes, we encourage people to learn to show the love of Christ, be bridgebuilders by learning to listen, understand and respect those who may have differing views on political issues.

How to Prayerfully Cast Your Vote

Pray for wisdom and insight as you prepare to vote. Read Ephesians 1:17-18 and make it personal: "I ask, God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give me spiritual wisdom and insight so that I might grow in my knowledge of God. I pray that my heart will be flooded with light so that I can understand the confident hope You have given to me." 

Resources for Voting

The following links offer information to help you familiarize yourself with each party platform:

Democratic Party

Republican Party

As you research and prayerfully consider candidates and parties during this election season, please also pray for our community, state, and country. We're confident in God's sovereignty and his plan!

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