7 Things That Make Monday Nights Special

Worship Center is introducing a brand new service time—Monday nights at 7pm—beginning June 25. In recognition of the 7pm service start time, we thought we'd share with you seven things that will make Monday nights unique!


1. A Night Service During the Week

The term "blue law" may be one for the history books. In today's culture, employers generally don’t consider asking if working on Sundays creates a conflict for their employees. Kids of all ages have sporting events and tournaments that are often scheduled from Fridays through late Sundays. It seems more and more individuals and families are away for an entire weekend.

Introducing a service that isn't on Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday increases the opportunity individuals and families to not miss gathering together regularly.

In addition to making a non-weekend service available, we've also introduced a night opportunity, as well. So, those who work during the day can still attend church.


2. A Casual Environment

We realize that most who attend the Monday night service may be either coming straight from work or didn't have much time to get ready for church after coming home from work. So, you can relax! We thought we'd take the pressure off by setting the expectation that the Monday night service would be casual.


3. A meal before the service

You're coming to a Monday night service, but you need time to eat dinner. What do you do? That's easy–you just eat dinner at church! We're offering a great meal from 5:45-6:45pm each Monday at a cost that makes sense–just $3 per person! The meal is free for kids under four. This meal will be available in the SMC Lounge, which is just past Main Street Café.


4. More young faces in the service

Based on a recent survey, we expect that the Monday service will create less demand for Route 56 on Monday nights. We are looking forward to having students in Grades 5 and up in the service, and we'll evaluate the need as time goes on.


5. Only one entrance

Our goal in making Monday nights special is to create a real community feel. As part of that, we'll be redirecting traffic to the East Entrance. Kids & Student Ministry is providing something fun to escort you and your younger ones to the Kids Ministry area to check in. Kids Ministry is available every Monday for ages birth through Grade 4.


6. Center seating

The main auditorium seats about 1,480 people. Since it is a new service, we expect the gathering to be more intimate, and even 200 people can feel disconnected when all seating is available. So, we'll be directing those who attend to sit in the center section of the auditorium to create a connected family feel. Other sections will be closed, and ushers will assist in helping you find a seat in the center.


7. A gathering before the gathering

The doors to the auditorium will only open about 5 or 10 minutes before the service, which presents another great opportunity for conversations to happen as we gather at the doors and prepare for what God has for us each night.

If you miss a service because you've been away for the weekend, consider coming Monday night! Do you have a friend or co-worker who you would like to introduce to Jesus? Consider inviting them to come and see what God is doing through your church family. Invite them to attend some Monday night!

There are lots of opportunities to serve throughout the church, including Sunday mornings and Monday nights. Check out all the options on the volunteer application.

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