5 Things You Can Do If You Can't Find The Group You Want

by Cindy Scott on July 13, 2021

Ever check out the GroupFinder and not see what you are looking for?  

Maybe you want a woman’s group and don’t see any, or you are looking for a certain weeknight and there is nothing, perhaps available childcare is the deal maker for you?

Don’t give up! Here are five things you can do when you can’t find the group you want!

1. Fill out the “GroupLink” form. We send the new GroupFinder info to that list just a tad before we make it public each season.

2. Keep checking the GroupFinder between seasons. There are new groups added regularly, but when they fill up they are removed.

3. Build your own group! This is the best way to get the group you want!

You get to pick the type of group (men’s, women’s, couple's or mixed), the ages you prefer (younger, older, or intergenerational), the day and time, and even fill it with people you would love to connect faith and real-life with!

It’s easy and we help – here’s all you need.

  • Find a leader, or be the leader (leaders get some training, facilitate discussion, connect with their team leader and interact with the Groups department)
  • Gather some people. We suggest at least six, and no more than ten. If you don’t know anyone who you might want to group with here are some places to look:
    • People you volunteer with.
    • People who have kids your kids' age.
    • People who were in your Count Me In class (or take the Count Me In).
    • People who sit near you or join online with you.
    • Or leave it to the Holy Spirit and open your group up to people you don’t yet know but who want what you are offering!
  • Decide on a day and time (like Wednesdays at 7pm or Saturday mornings at 10).
  • Choose a place. Most groups meet in the leader’s home, but some take turns or others meet in a host home but have a different leader.
  • To build a group click here.

4. Go through a Count Me In class. This three-week class is a great way to get to know Worship Center and to meet others who are getting to know Worship Center as well. (The class also offers serving opportunities where you could meet more people.)

5. Connect in an Equip Group and launch a Community Group from there. We have groups that focus on Marriage & Family, Support & Recoveryand also Equip Classes that focus on specific topics. Each of these will offer valuable insights as well as possible connections for ongoing groups!

At Worship Center, we often say, “There’s a place for you here!” and it is true!

Gathering together has never been more precious. Don’t miss this season.

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