RECAP – Structure for Message-Based Small Groups at Worship Center

Cindy Scott   -  

At Worship Center, our message-based Small Groups follow a well-designed structure as a means for optimal engagement. The 5 parts are deliberately coordinated to facilitate our 4 C’s values* in an easy-to-follow conversational system.

You can find each week’s content on the Worship Center App, on paper as you enter the auditorium, and online at

Here’s a quick overview for your reference with timing suggestions for a group that meets for one hour. Adjust proportionately if your Group meets longer.

R – Reconnect – 20 minutes

  • Share highs/lows

Not just small talk- so valuable – real connecting happens here, especially for introverts! The Groups I have been in usually cut short the initial chit chat so they can get into it!

E – Explore – 5 minutes

  • Big Idea/Message Review

Can be done in a number of ways – basically a review of the message. This part answers the “What?” question – what are we talking about?

C – Consider – 20 minutes

  • Discussion Questions

This part answers the “So What?” question. Let’s say the message is about faith and fear. Here’s where we talk about what faith looks like in real life, how it affects us, and what holds people back from walking in faith. So, what does this mean in our everyday life?

A – Activate – 5 minutes

  • Engage the topic in personal action steps

This part makes it personal. It answers the “Now what?” question. This is where we take a moment to ask God how He wants us to move forward with what we have discussed.

P – Pray – 10 minutes

  • Pray together, including thanks for the highs, pray for he lows, and for personal courage for the action steps identified.

Prompts for every part of the meeting are included every week in the notes/discussion guide.

Enjoy your Group! How you do life together not only affects today, it makes an eternal difference!

*Our 4C’s are Care, Connect, Challenge to Grow, and Celebrate. There is more content and details about these values specifically in the Group Leader’s Resource Page and all throughout our Group Leader content.