Top 10 Coaching questions

Cindy Scott   -  

I love coaching because it helps people get unstuck and move forward. It’s biblical. It reflects God’s heart and our yearning for adventure. It’s hope-filled. And coaching helps people own their lives while engaging with their preferred future!

Oh, that we would all connect with the dreams and desires God has placed within us and help others to do the same.

Here are my top ten picks of phrases I have used conversationally, and in coaching sessions, to come alongside people and walk with them on their journey.

1. What’s the one thing you would like to focus on moving forward?

This one helps when people are all over the map with the stuff in their lives. Focus allows targeting and moves us from being stuck where we are to where we could be heading.

2. Tell me more.

Easiest phrase ever. Shows personal interest and care. Allows honor for where the other person is at. Who doesn’t love it when someone says this to them?

3. What will you gain if you have a “win” in this area?

Taking a moment to talk about the win gives attention to motivation and can arm both the asker and the sharer with needed information for when the going gets rough.

4. How will you know if you have arrived?

Verbalizing the end goal assists in clarifying the pursuit and the goal.

5. What is holding you back from pursuing that?

Sometimes, or even often, identifying the obstacle is enough to begin removing it.

6. Is there a baby step you could commit to?

Looking for an attainable next step is the beginning of actual traction toward moving forward.

7. What are your next action steps?

SMART goal questions can come into play here. Consider this universal coaching acronym.

Specific: What specifically will happen? (I will stop giving in to a victim mindset.)
Measurable: How will I measure it? (I will eat four fruits or vegetables per day.)
Attainable: Is it achievable by me now? (I will focus one hour a day on that project.)
Relevant: Is it relevant to my larger goals? (I will not give in to distractions.)
Time-sensitive: By what date will I achieve it? (I will complete this by the end of the month.)

8. Who will walk with you in this?

Sharing your ideas with another makes them exponentially more likely to actually happen. We can easily talk ourselves out of a great idea the day after we have it.

9. How did it go with your action steps?

Knowing someone is going to ask how things went is a game-changer for follow through!

10. What could you adjust for next time?

Being willing to modify as we move along raises our efficiency and promotes a current connection with God and how he’s speaking to us in our lives.


So, next time you are talking with someone in your small group or in everyday conversation, try one or more of these coaching prompts. See where God may take the conversation and how you can come alongside someone in their journey forward.