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As TLR Leaders we strive to model the DNA of our vision for The Living Room. Our vision is to be a vibrant community of faith, encouraging and equipping each other to be radically abandoned to Christ.

We are a team that is building a community that will over, time and through the power of Jesus, see many lives changed. This should be an exciting journey for you, filled with opportunities to encourage, equip, and develop other leaders on one of our leadership teams. We believe that as you lead you will also grow as a follower of Christ. ‘Because changed lives change lives! As you learn more about yourself and your identity in Christ you will find yourself doing things you may have never even thought possible, so be ready to grow and be stretched.

Here you will find information on all our team as well as the Foundation Class. We ask that all leaders take part in this 8 week class. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

TLR Lead Guidelines


The heart behind this group is to reach people who have the desire to go deeper with God and connect with others on a deeper level. We want to reach people who have the desire to want to be connected. We want to reach people who come to the living room alone and don’t know what their “next steps” are.

We want others to see/feel that this will be a time to truly get closer to Jesus and to the community of the living room and know that it is a safe place for you. Anyone is welcome to come and we invite you all to join us after the living room on tuesday nights. We are so excited to meet new people!

Table Leaders

Opportunity to connect with other believers & welcome new visitors to the church. A time to dive deeper with one another through conversations and getting closer to Jesus.

Sign holders

An Opportunity to invite others to the group and explain what we do/ our heart behind these Groups. If you are very joyful, loud and want to see others meet Jesus on a deeper level, this is for you!!!!

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Equip is a team dedicated to raising up new leaders and growing people’s faith through our foundations classes. We have a tight-knit team that is responsible for mentoring students, teaching, and helping facilitate our foundations classes that are offered three times a year. This team is for you if you are passionate about people, mentorship, or have a gift for teaching. We are always looking for new members, so please message us today if you are interested!

Student Mentor

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This team desires to glorify God by creating a welcoming atmosphere in the front door and lobby areas. They, as a team, seek to make each person feel accepted and included in the Living Room community, while also serving in practical behind the scenes capacities.

Their mission is to be a team that facilitates an atmosphere of expectation while exemplifying God’s heart by remaining servant focused. They want to see the community grow in boldness, be refreshed and passionately live out the purpose God has for them.

Current opportunities to lead on this team are:

Front Door Welcomer
Welcome Desk
Set Up / Clean up in the lobby area
Leaders meal clean up
Setting the atmosphere in the lobby

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This team desires The Living Room family to experience Jesus and be changed through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. God has given them the privilege to serve this mission through everything that happens within the auditorium.

The In House family members are able to serve in creative outlets producing authentic and transparent worship through singing, playing instruments, creative and intentional lighting, video, audio engineering, presenting lyrics, and stage designing.

Current opportunities to lead on this team are:

Camera Operator
Text Operator

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Our goal is to empowers young adults to step out of their comfort zone by providing local and global outreach opportunities focused on serving others.  We believe as Christians we should be just as eager to serve those outside of the church as those that are in it, and should focus not just on serving the spiritual needs of people, but the practical needs as well.

As a team, we first look for and organize local and global outreach opportunities by connecting with local organizations, as well as our global partners around the world.  Our next step is to promote these outreach opportunities and encourage people to sign up.  Once the outreach team is formed, we equip the team in whatever way necessary before they go.

And finally, we get to lead the outreach and impact others through serving.  Once the outreach is over, the last thing we do is take some time as a team to pray and reflect on how we were impacted and what the Lord showed us through our time of serving others.

Serving opportunities include:

Outreach leaders

We are always looking for people willing to lead our outreach teams


Each week we have people from our team stand at the Launch table promoting whatever outreach opportunities are coming up.


We can always use people who enjoy details to help organize and communicate outreach opportunities

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This team desires help build a community that cares for each other, inspires personal growth and is transformed by the presence of Jesus.
They do this by caring for individuals to help them discover and move into whatever God has for them next by connecting them with community, coaching, and prayer. Serving opportunities include:

Connections room hosts
Prayer Team
Preservice Prayer

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