A Journey to Confronting Anxiety

Chelsea Mosher   -  

Anita Southam shares how her passion for helping people confront anxiety is very personal, as she struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for several years.

“During that time, I didn’t really know what it was or how to stop it. Every day I was living in constant fear.

“I eventually went to my doctor and got medication; however, it wasn’t a permanent solution. As a Christian, I would pray for God to take the anxiousness away, but one night while praying, I asked God, “What can I do to help myself?” Immediately God said, “Read my Word and see what I have to say about worry, fear, anxiety, and peace.”

“Every day I was living in constant fear… I began to feel better as I clung to God’s Word.”

“So I found Scriptures on these topics and recited them every day, even while anxious.  As time went on, I began to feel better as I clung to God’s Word. I also started doing research on anxiety and found out what it was and how it worked.

“From there, I began meeting people that were dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Because of my own experience, I was able to help them since I understood how they were feeling. It became clear to me that God was showing me my purpose, which was to reach out to those that are suffering from anxiety.

“So, in 2011 I began a ministry called Confronting Anxiety to connect with those affected by worry and panic. These classes have been beneficial to so many, and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to help others realize that they do not have to be burdened with anxiety!

“If you are battling anxiety, consider participating in this group.