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Worship Center, a church in Lancaster, PA

SERVICE TIMES Saturdays-7PM • Sundays-9AM & 11AM
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Getting in the Game

Ever sat in the crowd watching a sporting event and wish you were out there on the field? Unlike that sporting event where there are few openings for a unique skill set, at Worship Center, there is a place for everyone. It's easy to go from spectator to participator through Team WC and Team WC First Serve. 

Team WC

Join a team of people who have connected with the mission of Worship Center to help people find and follow Jesus. Through Team WC, each individual engages with this mission as vision carriers and influencers. As you get plugged in at WC through Count Me In membership, you can discover the serving position that matches your skills and your heart best! Click here to view all Team WC serving positions.


Team WC First Serve

One way to make new friends at Worship Center is to serve with others on a team. There are lots of openings to serve that really make a difference in people's lives. So, you can begin the process of joining in right away. Check out all the Team WC First Serve opportunities here.







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Quick Links

Team WC Positions

See a complete list of the opportunities to serve at WC.

Team WC: First Serve

If you've been attending WC just a few months, a great way to meet people is to serve together on a team. This is a great place to start.

New to WC?

If you are fairly new to WC, we have a special luncheon where you can find out more about WC.

WC Membership

Volunteer positions of leadership and influence require WC membership. If interested in one of these positions, our "Count Me In" orientation is the place to begin.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Sep 21 2014

Count Me In Orientation-1st service

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Sunday, Sep 21 2014

Count Me In Orientation-2nd service

Worship Center

Sunday, Oct 05 2014

Count Me In Orientation

Worship Center

Sunday, Oct 26 2014

Connections: Next Step

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